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    8 Exclusive Designs to treat your new phone!

Fashion Phone Cases With A Mission To Empower People!


    10 One Of A Kind designs to make a fashion statement

Fashion Phone Cases With A Mission

We not only make unique fashion phone cases, but we also wanted cases that have a mission. The mission to empower people. The mission to represent every uniqueness and difference.

Our cases are designed to be your best companion wether you are working on your goals, living your passion fully, or simply loving yourself.

Beautiful as Protective

Do not think that we have compromised with the protection of your phone! Our tough Kases offer a remarkable resistance against all drops under 8 feet, without being too bulky.

Plus, all FROKASES come with a one year warranty.

Shop Small & Local

If supporting local small businesses is important to you, FroKases helps you make a difference as we are one of them, based in Canada with a production and shipping unit in the US.

We are also happy to contribute to the development of the local economy through our various local partners.

Empowering Women, Black-Owned Business

We proudly belong to this community of passionate and entrepreneurial black women who are a driving force of our economy.

We are not yet listed in Forbes, but with our work and your support, we will will make that happen.

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